A Long Day – Rome, Lazio, Italy

Some, one more day in Rome. Last night we got on the Net and found some other places we wanted to try. One that was cheap (and according to the Internet had rooms) we had a look at, but was full. (Bad Internet) but they suggested one around the corner, which was also full but they had a room around another corner. All the corners look the same here.

So, this morning we checked out, walked to the new new place and put our bags in. The we did the The Trevi Fountain, The Vatican (with Sistine Chapel), The Colosseum and then back for a night view of The Trevi Fountain.

Quite a bit of work really. I get the feeling that so many tourists come to Rome, like Florence and some other places I’ve been to, there are no real people. Everything is tourism. And, as an independent tourist, Italy just isn’t that great.

Anyway, tomorrow we’ll check out the another really old place then move on to Naples for some (so we’ve heard) good food. So far the food has been a bit disappointing, mainly because we’ve been eating at the cheapest places we can find in the tourist areas (which are usually staffed by non-Italians) and just aren’t so good. So, in Naples we’ll try and find somewhere better.

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