A keitai

I am a connected person.

I now have a keitai. A Navy Blue J-SA51 to be precise. That’s Japanese for massive debt. Also known as a mobile phone. You can call me, at great expense to you, on +81 908 624 0003. And when I say gobsmacking expensive, I’m talking huge wads of cash and chunks of change expensive.

Soon, when I get off my arse the Instant Message thing will be created, which should send an email message straight to the keitai for me to ignore at my pleasure. Yes, I can receive email on my keitai, but I’m not going to publish the address because we’re talking short messages, and the input is a pain. And I prefer to keep my usual email for now, thankyou.

So, if you need to call me, try the keitai first, then the home number. I think I have voice mail on the keitai, but I’m not sure. At least the menus are in English, now … if you call and get a pile of Japanese starting with kochira wa j-phone desu … then it’s turned off, or out of range, or something. Let it go for a bit, if you hear a beep, then leave a message, maybe.

And when you do call, it rings like an old fashioned rotary dial phone.

Mr Grumpy
Mr Grumpy

The photo you can see to the right was taken with it. I can also take short video files, but the format is quite weird (NOA Nancy Codec,) so I don’t think anyone back in Australia will be able to view them.

One of the odd things I have found, is that not only can I set my personal profile, but I have 2 settings for people referred to as steady1 and steady2 with the same level of importance. It lets me store more information, such as birthday, and blood type than regular phone directory settings. I think the implication is that I am allowed to have 2 girlfriends, and store their information in my phone, with password protection to stop steady1 deleting steady2 and vice versa.

One day I might work this country out. When I do, I’ll let you know.

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