A breath of freshness – Lisbon, Estremadura, Portugal

There’s one thing I’ve learned visiting all these different cities, is that the character of the people and the city can be analyzed in one simple statistic, how noisy the traffic is, especially the honking of car horns. For a capital city, Lisbon is amazingly quiet. Peaceful. And the hostel (Poets Hostel) we stayed in was just perfect. If anything, it was sad to leave and get on another night bus. Portugal, both Lisbon and elsewhere are definitely on my list of places to visit again.

They also had one of my favourite foods, Portugese Tart. And lots of them. So, naturally, I had lots of them too. Yum.

So to get here, we had to take an ALSA bus to Merida, wait from 12am (midnight) to about 3am for the next (late running) bus. The bus station closed at 2:45am, and so we had to wait outside for a while. Not fun at all.

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