Time to move on.

So that’s it then.

I’ve been here in Japan for just over 5 years. And now it’s time to pack up and go home. Well, almost time. I finish work on Monday after 5 years of English teaching, first at NOVA, then FCC and the YMCA and finally at ECC.

Generally, it’s been okay for the last few years (read: out of NOVA) but the mind numbing repetitively of the work has driven me close to madness. So, it’s time for a change. Time to go. There’s bugger all chance of promotion, improvement and general sense of achievement all round for me so in order to not become a complacent rock, I’ve decided to save hard for the last few months and I’m planning a world trip and then triumphant return home.

So, the plan is to suck the Japanese government dry for a few months getting the dole. I’m going to move to a cheaper apartment and fight to get my key money back. (Key money is, ah, a kind of thank you payment for letting you stay in the apartment. It’s illegal for them to keep it, but they come up with repairs that they have to make that ends up using all of it.) And use the time to go hiking (my new-ish thing) and planning the trip.

The trip?

Yeah, the trip.

The Girlfriend and I will leave Japan around July and travel to the West Coast of The U.S., Central and South America and back up the right hand side of The U.S., over to The U.K. Now maybe we’ll be on a round the world ticket, and we’ll just keep going. But as the cost of fuel is so high, I think we might do a few return tickets bought in each country and then come back to Japan. After that, if I have time and money buy a single to India, and travel down to Bangkok and then do a single to Australia. Maybe.

The end plan is that I get to Australia for my birthday and Christmas, and the Girlfriend will go to Canada (as she has a 12 month working holiday visa.) Then I get a job, apartment and generally set up. And then She’ll come over to Australia and from there, not sure.

Any questions?

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