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From the office of CyberCyberCyberCyber Pty Ltd (ACN 080 721 928) ...

Jim Richards, the developer of the World Game Engine needs help, and lots of it.

Having taken the engine almost as far as it can for single players, Jim wishes to take it into the next dimension by creating a multi-player system based upon the current code framework. Other roles are also required for game and graphic design.

Java coders experienced with Java 1.1 and above would be preferred, although not required. As the entire project is self funded, and no income is derived from it (yet) all the roles are voluntary. Which means doing the work in your own time on your own machine.

It is preferred that the people are based in Sydney as eventually CyberCyberCyberCyber will become a commercial entity and it would be really great to actually pay people for the work that they do. It's also great to actually have some face to face contact with the developers.

It is also envisioned that CyberCyberCyberCyber will become a meeting place of like minded Java coders interested in multimedia and games development using the latest Java technology.

about the roles

A network programmer is required to take he single player framework and move it into the multiple player arena. Areas that need work are creation of a server, client logins and verification and mostly the sharing of data between multiple clients.

A graphic designer is required to generate more scenery. Weapons, creatures and map tiles to start with but eventually the whole web site will also need work done to it.

A game designer to take the current game and expand it. There is an editor created (which also needs work done on it) which allows the designer to add areas (levels) as well as items, creatures and map tiles.

General dogsbody. This would involve general programming to add finishing touches to the engine. Examples include improving the editor, coding more items, creatures and map tiles for the game designer and working with the web site designer.

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