Who do all the trees look like tree stumps?

Most games have their trees as these little thing things that take up no space whatsoever. We didn't like that idea, so eventually we'll make it look like there is a canopy over the trees that disappears when you walk under them.

I don't seem to be able to attack with the UNIX appletviewer/browser/.

Due to a bug in the Windoze95 version of Java, we had to make a decision on which we would code for. Yes, yes, Java is cross platform, but bugs appear in one version that don't appear in others. In this case it has to do with the way keyboard events are handled by the canvas component, and since we use Windoze95 for the client programming, that's how it is.

It doesn't work, Netscape Communicator/Internet Explorer gives me errors and nothing comes up?

The World uses the full Java 1.1 API, specifically the Event Delegation Model. This has not been fully implemented by Netscape or Microsoft. Visit the running page to see what to do about this.

How do I become a keeper, or set up my own World?

At this stage, the World is only a technology release. That is, it has been put up on the web to enable people to visit, have a go and see what has been done. The source is not available but we will be happy to give you some guidance and information if required.

Sometimes the players image doesn't appear in the player UI box?

Try resizing the window a little bit. The image should have loaded, but it doesn't seem to have repainted itself.

There seem to be creatures I have killed and yet they can still be set as targets?

This is a bug. It has something to do with the synchronisation mechanism. If the image for the dead creature is there, then it should be dead and won't affect you. It has been mostly fixed and should not appear often.

Why does the screen flicker?

On some systems (windows 95 for a start), the screen refreshes when a component refocuses. This in itself is not a problem, but certain optimisations for painting the screen cause it to blank out and then repaint the whole screen. This is technically a bug, but of Java or World, the keepers are not sure.

Why is there sometimes creatures, items or the hero painted, but not really there?

This is a repaint issue as well. This will usually occur after a resize of the WorldPlayer frame. To fix this use the R key to repaint the screen.


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